Assisted Living

Our clinicians develop and implement highly individualized treatment plans for residents in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities. ViTag’s team of experts assess, diagnose, and treat residents.

VITAG Health provide expert and comprehensive care with various mental illnesses.   They assess, diagnose and treat mental conditions.  Our providers play a pivotal role in improving individuals’ overall wellness, emotional and physical health.  The nurse practitioners provide initial evaluations and ongoing medication management for psychiatric patients.  They work closely with the therapist to provide a holistic care to patients.  

We consistently provide state-of-the-art behavioral health services with the goal of decreasing hospitalizations and improving quality of care. At ViTag Health, we are committed to make day to day life more comfortable by providing Medication Management Services. Our clinicians are experts in GDR (Gradual Dose Reduction) and MTM (Medication Therapy Management). Our area of focus includes but not limited to Dementia, Anxiety Disorder, Depression, OCD, Psychotic Disorder, Personality Disorder, Sleep Disorders

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anxiety medication
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